Synthetic Ice Rink

Our synthetic ice rinks are an environment-friendly, zero-energy alternative to real ice rinks and have been constructed from a solid polymer material designed for skating using normal metal-bladed ice skates. These attractions can be installed quickly, and are available all year round for a full range of activities, including hockey and skating classes, training and competitions.
It could be located anywhere including hotels, amusement parks, malls, fairs and exhibitions.

We have enclosure fences, slip floor liquid, benches, pairs of skates, box office reception (optional), furniture to store shoes, skate machine maintenance and snow removal.

We have special deals for weekend renting our ski ecological ice. Ideal for municipalities and individuals who want to offer a unique and unforgettable event at an economical price. Recover part of their investment with advertising and box office. Contact us and you will be surprised with this affordable offer for everyone.